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Construction Services

Learn more about Cardinal Strategies' construction services and let's start the conversation about your complex drainage and erosion control needs.

Are you having a water-related issue in your community or at your residence? Cardinal’s drainage experts will schedule a time to investigate at your property. Our team’s investigative approach gets to the root of the issue and determines the cause of the problem.

What does it cost?

Perimeter site visits have a base price from $500 to $800 (typically) depending on location/travel costs for each area of concern. During this type of investigation, a Cardinal representative will walk the property with you and look at the identified problem area.

Crawl space site visits cost $1,200. This type of investigation only applies to houses or buildings with a pier and beam foundation. During this investigation, our expert will take an up close and personal look at the crawl space under the structure.

What do I get out of a site visit?
  • Dedicated appointment with a drainage expert who can answer all of your questions
  • Investigation report including:
    • Root cause of the problem
    • Site overview sketch showing where repairs are needed
    • Scope of work detailing the plan of action and cost of implementation

Are you interested in scheduling a site investigation? Give us a call at 469-547-1281 or fill out our online form today.

With increases in urban development and extreme storm events, communities are seeing more of their stream and channel banks erode away. Is your eroding channel or stream bank threatening community amenities like sidewalks or ponds, or even homes?

Cardinal is your go-to erosion crisis contractor in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, North Texas and beyond. We specialize in designing solutions using a combination of soft armor and native plants to restore the bank’s stability while creating a natural aesthetic. Cardinal’s goal is to develop long-lasting solutions with minimal impact to the surrounding environment.

Don’t wait, contact our experts today about your erosion issues.

Want to see Cardinal's work in real life? Check out our project highlight of a channel remediation in Prosper, TX.

Do you have standing water or erosion concerns on your property? Are you experiencing water leaking into your home or cupping floors? Do you notice an unusual amount of mud and debris in your pool after a heavy rain? These are all signs of inadequate drainage.

Cardinal’s team of drainage experts has over 50 years of experience repairing and installing foundation drainage systems. We design and install a custom solution using a combination of drains, moisture barriers and more to create the ideal system for water drainage.

Contact Cardinal today to start the conversation about your drainage issue.

Whether you have an existing retaining wall that needs repair, a drainage system to accompany a current retaining wall or installation of a new retaining wall, Cardinal is here to help.

Cardinal knows that a retaining wall can play an important role in the overall drainage system at your property. The key question our experts answer is “What are we trying to retain?” We make sure that any retaining wall repair or installation contributes to the entire water solution on your property.

Are you experiencing issues with a spillway or dam on your property? The problems with your dam or spillway could be caused by a number of things including dam breach or failure, spillway or dam erosion, lake level control issues or others.

Cardinal is one of only a few experienced contractors in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with the expertise and capability to diagnose, design and install a long-lasting dam or spillway remediation solution.

Call our office at 469-547-1281 or fill out our online form today to start the conversation about your project.

Want more? Check out Cardinal's completed dam and spillway repair project highlight.

Are there swampy or soggy areas of your property even after long, dry periods without rain? You could have a standing water problem at your home or business.

Cardinal has the experience and skill set to capture excess water and redirect it away from your grassy areas. Our knowledge of how water moves through the soil make us the ideal contractor to correctly identify the root cause of your standing water.

Is the bank of your stream, pond, creek, river or another slope failing? Cardinal is ready to help. We work to identify the reason for failure and use cutting-edge remediation techniques to ensure a stable solution.

Cardinal’s unique biotechnical remediation approach using a mix of man-made products (i.e. plate piling, turf reinforcement, retaining wall systems, etc.) and native plants create a long-lasting, more natural solution.

Get in touch with us today to talk about what Cardinal can do for you.

Is there excessive dampness in your pier-and-beam home? Are your floors cupping from higher than normal humidity levels? Is there an odor you can’t get rid of? You could have a moisture issue in your crawl space. Keeping this area of your house well ventilated is crucial to maintaining a healthy environment without spores or mildew.

Cardinal’s experts will investigate the root cause of the excess moisture and determine the depth of infiltration so it can be cut off. Get in touch with us today to talk about how Cardinal can help.

This service only applies to homes with a pier and beam foundation.

Do you have a large hole or sinkhole on your property? Sinkholes can be caused by sub-surface groundwater, buried utility lines or even sometimes animals.

At Cardinal, we don’t subscribe to the “fill it in approach.” Our expert team will investigate to find the root cause of the sinkhole and develop a solution to repair the problem and prevent future sinkholes from forming.

Call our office today at 469-547-1281 to tell us about your property and schedule a site investigation.

Do you have a de-stabilized channel bank? Do nearby trees have exposed roots and are falling into your stream? This problem happens when low-flow channels quickly rise because of heavy rainfall. Over time, this dramatic increase in water flow weakens the channel bank.

Cardinal designs solutions that address the specific cause of erosion. These methods include both structural and non-structural solutions and the use of native plants to stabilize eroded banks. At Cardinal, we advocate for the “greenest” solutions possible to promote sustainability and a natural look.

Contact Cardinal today about solving your complex erosion needs.

See Cardinal's work in action. Take a look at a recent channel stabilization project online today.

Is the water line in your pool uneven? Are you noticing a shift in the deck around your pool? This can be caused by water or methane gas, both naturally occurring and man-made, migrating through the soil beneath your pool and becoming trapped.

Cardinal is one of only few contractors with the knowledge to identify and fix destabilized pools. We’ll investigate what’s causing the shift and design a solution to prevent future problems.

Give us a call today at 469-547-1281 to schedule your site investigation.

Cardinal is a qualified deep ditch and confined space contractor making us your go-to call for any water-related issues in your basement. There are two key times to address these issues in your basement.

Prior to Construction

Is there a basement in the construction plans for your new home? Cardinal is experienced in the design and install of drainage and waterproofing preventative measures. These solutions often require installation of a sump pump and continued maintenance for efficiency.

Post Construction

Do you have water leaking into the basement of your current home? We can help. Cardinal is one of only a few crisis contractors capable of handling these complex drainage issues. We’ll work to identify the source of the leak and repair it.

Are you seeing any of the following issues on your property?

  • Soil loss
  • Mud accumulation/collection (i.e. mud on your sidewalk even when it hasn’t rained)
  • Loss of vegetation (i.e. where grass used to be is now just a sheet of mud)
  • Drop-offs next to sidewalks, curbs, around manholes, etc.

If you see any of the issues above, you’re most likely experiencing an erosion issue caused by improper drainage. At Cardinal, our experienced team has what you need to address these critical problems using their knowledge of soil fertility and vegetation selection.

Give our team a call at469-547-1281 or fill out our online form to start the process to solve your complex erosion needs today.

Cardinal’s major erosion and drainage repairs also include landslide remediation, retaining wall drainage system, sinkhole remediation, spillway/dam remediation, stream restoration and urban channel bank stabilization.

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